Rolex Festival Set for August 19th at Uganda Museum

Rolex Festival Set for August 19th at Uganda Museum
Rolex lovers can now smile as the famous Rolex Festival Set for August 19th, set back in the heart of the city on August 19 and this will be at Uganda Museum. Nothing Much makes you feel authentic with Uganda’s nature other making an offering to be part of the trending Community activities.

The first time we had the inaugural Kampala Rolex Festival was way back in 2016, it left us with laughter, delicious smells and finger leaking. A cheerful mood floating all over the Uganda Museum, celebrating the growing tradition and norms of Uganda, something that has cut across to invite more cultures.

The Kampala Rolex Festival is another signature in the tourism calendar, So humorous and Idyllic to get opened to a different culture, with alot of revelers being enticed by the traditions in the Pearl of Africa, something that is never to be missed. Not only the spiced Rolex, nor the authentic cultures define the argue but also the funky decor of portraits of Ugandan music icons make it a zone to ponder in awe.

The Rolex Festival August 19th features in the tourism Calendar and highly anticipates as a tourist attraction event, On your Uganda Safari, discover the friendship born at that moment, understanding Unique Rolex recipes prepared by the local experts. The Rolex prepared by rolling together chapati(s) and omelette spiced with vegetables (sliced tomatoes, onions and cabbage). The snack takes utmost 5 minutes to prepare, it goes for about Shs. 2,000 and can be easily accessed at roadside stalls across Kampala and other urban towns in the country.
The Rolex initiative together with the ministry of Uganda tourism wildlife and antiquities are organizing the second edition of the Kampala Rolex festival in conjunction with the tourism sector and corporate world to popularize this signature menu and celebrate the food culture in Uganda, the event is scheduled for 20th August 2017. Rolex vendors adopted food business practices learnt from seasoned food business practitioners that participated in exhibition. From a business angle Rolex vendors that participated in the exhibition made record sales for the first time.
Internationally, Rolex made headlines on CNN, CCTV and BBC as a street food celebrated in Uganda for its empowerment to many communities through “feeding them” and providing income generating opportunities. Many restaurants around the world especially those operated by Ugandans started to include Rolex on their menus examples of these are Little Kampala Bar and Grill in Washington Blvd. In Denmark, Sylvester Bbaale owner of UGOOD, food truck won the best exhibitor award at a food truck festival in Copenhagen. On Ugandan Independence Day, the Ugandan embassy in Denmark hire UGOOD to serve various Ugandan foods including the Rolex to all the diplomats who turned up for the celebration.


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