Government begins renovation of the Ankole Kingdom Palace

Government begins renovation of the Ankole Kingdom Palace

The Kingdom of Ankole was formerly a site of falling palace and already work is ongoing and having things back in shape and position is really interesting to Ankole people because when you go to Kamukuzi division where the Kingdom is situated the people of Ankole have some place to tell that this used to be our palace, its where our cultural practices originated and its where our King used to stay.

The Kingdom is significant to see not like what was formerly there because it had become a place for wild animals to stay though some custodians of the Kingdom the Bahinda had constructed houses to stay in and wait for the Kingdom to be restored though the place was distasteful to live in because it had turned into a bush.

The government through the ministry of tourism came up and government provided 10b shillings and the kingdom is going to be rehabilitated and in 3 phases. There will be a phase which is almost done because work is done fast then there will be also renovation of the buildings that are in this place that includes the house where the King used to stay and the house where the Katikkiro used to stay. The place has been expanded also and the fence is going to be covering the entire land where the Kingdom palace used to sit.

Until a later time there is no assurance that the Kingdom is to be restored because the ministry of Tourism through which the government is doing this work has distanced itself from the reconstruction of this kingdom because this is just a tourism site, place to keep culture in shape but it has nothing to do with the restoration of the Kingdom. This doesn’t send good news to some Ankole people because it’s not that all the people want the Kingdom to be restored because they are divided into sections that is to say the Bahinda who really want the kingdom to be restored and others but most surprisingly some sections of Bahinda also don’t want the kingdom to be restored.

But that entire aside the Palace is going to be standing on a very beautiful place given from pictures from there.


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