Cause of excessive heat in Kampala – Equinox

Cause of excessive heat in Kampala - Equinox
For about two weeks now, people in Kampala have been going on about the crazy sun and heat they are experiencing, there has been little or even no rains and everyone is wondering what is going on. Very few people know that we are experiencing equinox that was on 21st March, 2019 12:59am.

This is a phenomenon as many believe that the sun is directly overhead the equator. This has various effects on earth like having the same length of days and nights, temperature changes to higher degrees than usual before and after equinox which we are surely witnessing, people at the equator line don’t have a shadow at 12:00pm since the sun is directly above the equator.

Other effects include the full moon which helps in predicting the start and end of holy months of fasting i.e. the month of Ramadhan and lent period respectively.

We are now expecting the rains as we close March.


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