Kampala to host a social media festival that has never happened before

Kampala to host a social media festival that has never happened before

The social media festival that has never happened before is remaining with two days and is planned to happen this week on Saturday January 25th 2020 at Silver Springs Hotel Gardens Bugolobi following the theme; redirecting social media to impactful communication and social networking engagements.

The marketing head Social Media FestUg Amon Baita says that the event will join government agencies, individuals, social media groups, influencers, online platforms and bloggers, digital marketing agencies, various brands, organisations and social media users under one roof to enjoy learn and network. Baita also said that it will be a chance for social media users who are in touch and know each other by way of effective communication to have one experience.

He also added that it would still be a chance for organisations and individuals to advertise their digital revolution or transformation and physically take part in social media end users.

The festival is going to be in possession of specialist talking about different topics associating with ICT and the internet, PR management, marketing and branding on social media platforms in addition to other things. Its most important point is to streamline the social media industry so as to approach successful, professional communication amidst users.

The guest of honour will be Hon. Judith Nabakooba the new minister for ICT and National Guidance and according to Baita there going to be lots of activities to happen for example exhibitions, stage entertainment, treasure hunt, online quiz virtual games, selfie challenges and many others.

In order for one to be involved in the festival, one has to register earlier online via https://bit.ly/2ucCBUM


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