Ugandan Cabinet accepts to signing of a number of air service agreements

Ugandan Cabinet accepts to signing of a number of air service agreements

Uganda is making a move that would make her able to get to air space of more countries by signing a number of bilateral air service agreements. As stated in short on Tuesday of what happened in cabinet, “the agreement will place Uganda at one and the same lawful support with her Partners.

A bilateral air service agreement is brought to an end between two contracting countries and starts up commercial civil aviation services between those countries. The agreements permit airlines of contracting countries to run commercial flights that cover the transport of passengers and cargo between those two countries.

Uganda refreshed its national airline last year and had to sign several bilateral air services agreements to open up the routes for the airline. At the moment Uganda Airlines moves to not less than seven routes in Africa.

The signing of new agreements means the airline can expand its capabilities.

Uganda had not less than 47 agreements signed according to last year although lots of them had not been started off because the country had taken more than two decades without an airline to run the routes in these countries.
The agreements will drop the cost of landing in another country.

A study by InterVistas and Ukaid lately concluded that if East African Community liberalized its airspace through these agreements, it would lead to 9% lower average fees and a 41% increase in constancy of some routes, which in turn raise levels of passenger demand.

The African Union has called on countries to push for open skies and lower fees of air transport to improve trade on the continent.

An analysis individual on Integration at Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) Isaac Shinyekwa approved of Uganda’s move to sign more agreements said flying in around the continent was still so costly which shouts out for countries to sign friendly agreements that will cut the cost of air


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