Male Rhino born in Uganda Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Male Rhino born in Uganda - Ziwa Rhino sanctuary
On Tuesday 19th June, a male rhino was born in the wee hours of that morning. The baby rhino born to Uhuru a five year old Ugandan born white rhino increased the number of the white rhinos in Uganda to 23 brought happiness not only to the wildlife Game rangers but also to the few 21 rhinos that had remained in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary in Nakitoma Village, Nakasongola District Uganda

Uhuru the mother to the Male Rhino born in Uganda, was born to Taleo who was brought in from Kenya and Nandi that was brought in from Disney Animal Kingdom, USA. Uhuru was the fourth female born on the sanctuary and now mothers another one on the sanctuary. Uhuru is also in the girls group which she joined after being chased away from her mother and was left wondering around after the birth of her brother Sonic.

The ziwa rhino sanctuary is run by Rhino Fund Uganda, an NGO that was set up to repopulate Uganda with wild rhinos in the future, well I think their plan seems to work as the numbers are slowly growing.


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