Miss Curvy, a pageant to boost tourism in Uganda.

Miss Curvy, a pageant to boost tourism in Uganda.
Uganda is blessed with various attractions ranging from the National parks that have physical features like the mountains, rocks, hills, water bodies and rich vegetation not to forget the animals and birds some of them being endemic to the areas they are found in. Tourism is also known to be one of the top industries that generate most of the country’s foreign exchange and therefore a lot of emphasis in boosting and promoting the industry is explored.

Following the campaigns that have been put to boost the country’s tourism like the Tulambule ( Let’s explore) campaign, the Rolex campaign, Tourism and the digital transformation campaign to mention but a few. The new campaign now is the Miss curvy beauty pageant, the Ministry of Tourism has been part of the various beauty pageants like Miss tourism, Miss Uganda where they at some point made the reigning Miss Uganda the tourism ambassador and now, the ministry launches Miss Curvy and goes ahead to list the ladies as a tourist attraction.

The pageant is said to be under the Tulambule ( Let’s explore ) campaign, the Ministry of tourism officials will also be telling various stories relating to the background of different shapes and curves that Ugandan ladies have as well as different cultures will be displayed by the contestants.

The campaign has already had a backlash from the citizens of Uganda and mostly tour operators as there are other ways of promoting tourism in our country as they don’t see much sense in tourists coming to tour the women of Uganda, some feminists found this barbaric referring to the case back in history where France had actual people from Africa in a zoo as a tourist attraction. Some tour operators also mentioned that there are better strategies that should have been considered to promote our tourism like dwelling in the various cultural activities, food and way of life within the various cultures found in Uganda.


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