The president of UGANDA launches UBV-01N VACCINE Clinical Trials

UBV-01N VACCINE Clinical Trials

The president of UGANDA launches UBV-01N VACCINE Clinical Trials
The president of UGANDA launches UBV-01N VACCINE Clinical Trials

The UBV-01N VACCINE has been fully Approved by the Uganda Regulatory Authorities. The clinical trials will start immediately today, with Mulago National Specialised Hospital, also known as Mulago National Referral Hospital-a component of Mulago Hospital Complex, the teaching facility of Makerere University College of Health Sciences, to be the main centre for this campaign. Uganda follows Kenya and south Africa on the African Continent following other races on the prone to get the breakthrough that could curb down the spread of Covid-19.

The goal of this UBV-01N VACCINE project is to develop safe and effective preventive and therapeutic natural products against COVID-19 and other ailments. This study will establish the potential of bee products (bee propolis and bee venom) and Warbugia ugandensis as interventional drugs for the management of COVID –19 disease and related symptoms. The project has two work package implementation phases i.e. Preclinical and clinical studies. The
preclinical studies will include; chemical composition analysis; safety profile evaluation; invitro antiviral and antibacterial activities analysis; and in vivo antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic activity and immune modulatory activities evaluation of bee propolis, bee venom and W. ugandensis. Based on the preclinical data, a standardized product will be formulated as syrup, capsule, tablet or lozenges and pilot produced for clinical evaluation in phase I and II. The project will be implemented for one year with the first six month taking care of preclinical studies.


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