KCCA Uganda announces the release of new city traffic routes

KCCA announces the release of new city traffic routes

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) has declared recently developed changes in traffic movements in the city with diversions that will see drivers reverse to multiple routes.

Taxis working with Entebbe Road under new changes have been repositioned from Old Taxi Park to Usafi Park which is a kilometre from Old Park and is found behind Usafi market on Mengo Hill Road and parking on Ben Kiwanuka and Burton streets has been adjourned.

KCCA stated that the new traffic movement changes will react on Friday this week. The traffic changes will have straight impact on trade and traffic in the city centre. Passengers going to Entebbe, Namasuba, Kibuye, Zana, Kajjansi, Kasenyi, Ndeeba-Sembuule and Ndejje will board from Usafi Park and then move a kilometre to the city centre.

This is not the first time when KCCA is transferring Entebbe taxi stage to Usafi Park. The first time passengers and taxi workers didn’t agree to use Usafi Park claiming that it was overrun with culprits during when the road is very busy.

Taxis going to Ggaba and Makindye Division which includes taxis going to Muyenga, Salaama, Kasanga and Buziga are going to replace the space left by the going away Entebbe Road taxis in the Old Taxi Park.

A leader of taxi workers in Kampala city Mr. Yasiin Ssematimba said they agreed with KCCA on the new traffic changes to let the Queensway flyover project carry on however accepted to compensate when new challenges come up in future.

Ben Kiwanuka Street is going to be turned into a one-way according to changes and motorist on its side up to Kyaggwe Road won’t be allowed to park there. Ben Kiwanuka Street from Luwum Street to Shoprite had been one way for motorist going to Entebbe side. This street is a place of trade for wholesale businesses and trucks offloading and loading commodities. The street was also another loading and offloading area after the non-motorised project on Namirembe Road was not possible for heavy trucks to approach Kikuubo Lane.

Under new changes, Burton Street between Ben Kiwanuka Street near Shell fuel station near Old Taxi Park and William Street near Yamaha centre have been opened to two-way traffic for all drivers. The section has been a one-way fro Market street to William Street. Though drivers will not be allowed to park on the roadside of Burton Street between Ben Kiwanuka Street and Yamaha centre which means that taxi users going to and from Nakawa-Kireka-Mukono and Kampala-Port Bell-Luzira routes will board from within the Old Taxi Park.


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