5000 Evicted as Canary Islands Wildfire Ranges

5000 Evicted as Canary Islands Wildfire Ranges

5000 people have been forced to move away from the Spanish holiday Island of Gran Canaria to safer places as there grew outbreak of wildfire. Authorities on Sunday said and it warned that the outbreak could take days for flames to be brought under control. Gran Canaria is the second most densely populated of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic off the northwest coast of Africa.

Angel Victor Torres the president of Canary Islands said in a statement that the fire which spread to the mountainous Cruz de Tejeda region famous with tourist for its stunning views is extremely dangerous.

More than 600 fire fighters and 14 aircraft struggled to keep under control the firestorm interfered with strong winds and high temperatures. Authorities estimate temperatures to rise and it could take days before the flame is brought under control.

Torres said that the next few hours will be very important because the weather forecast for the night is not good.

Last year the Canary Island received 13.7 million foreign visitors over half of them from Britain and Germany.
No victims or death occurrence have been reported.


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