Buganda Tourism Expo 2018 from 24th June- 1st July

Buganda Tourism Expo 2018

Buganda Tourism Expo 2018 introduces to you a rich sovereign heritage and cultural Museum, a unique award winning living museum in Uganda, offering an excellent introduction to local cultures and lifestyles featuring historical antiquities and u spoiled traditional artifacts that exhibit the current Origin of Buganda Kingdom, a sub-national kingdom in the central Part of the Country.

The Buganda Tourism Expo 2018 is a place to be, the protected Buganda’s traditional sits on comparable hectares of land in a secluded corner of Mengo hill in Lubaga Division, Kampala which is the homeland to the royal Majesty’s Palace, the home of the Kabaka (King) of Buganda Kingdom, with the ancestral Monarchy of this Kingdom dating back eight Hundred (800) years.

The Kabaka’s royal Palace sometimes called Lubiri or Mengo Palce is a hereditary ancestral monarchy dating years back, and was constructed by the Kabaka Mwanaga II, the by then 31 st Kabaka of Buganda secluded to cover 0.9 square Miles ringed by a traditional fence (a six-foot brick fence) and is clearly seen with a small airstrip with in its walls.

Buganda Tourism Expo 2018 gives you a clear taste to different tourist attractions, People, arts, Buganda Culture, historical Monuments, the royal palace, Buganda heritage and related traditions dating way back hundreds of years and many more.

Buganda Tourism Expo 2018 starts in 24th June and Ends on 1st July with much to show case with in the royal land, feed your eyes with the 700 drums used to perform traditional and cultural activities in Buganda, different clan exhibitions, the first two royal cars that formally belonged to Muteesa II of Buganda, How about seeing eye to eye the first hoe that was brought by the early Europeans to enter the pearl of Africa not forgetting different nationalities across borders who come also to showcase their different Cultural commodities and talents.


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