Why the Masaai People love the red color

The culture of Maasai people and why they put on red


The Maasai are one of the ancient local Cultures with an indigenous way of life on the countryside, Most of the travelling tourists love visiting these foreign countries raised on the sunbaked Open grounds of Africa. The Masaai inhabit Central, northern and Southern Kenya Plains. The rest form their Cluster societies in the northern Psatoral scenes where they have resisted the urging Policies of the Tanzanian and Kenyan governments to sentize them to adopt a more sedentary lifestyle.

Why the Masaai People love the red color, Why they dress in red

This is one of the untold secrets of any Culture in Africa. With the Masaai Cultural legacies being a powerful force that has deep roots and long lives. Their way of dressing color in red persists, generation after generation, virtually intact.

Some of the Old Masaai People shared with us about the secret in their red color setting, this was, and still is, believed as Cultural sentimental setting of the gods of the land, that when the sunrises, lighting the horizons with the red color, that locally it signifies that the “gods” or their traditional super power(god) have come to wake up his people. Hundreds of the locals still believe in this.

And when, other days the sky threatens to rain, forming black clouds in the sky, that this is an indication that, clearly presented the color of their god or “gods” which they named him locally as “Engai yai narok” literally meaning “My black God”.

So, they have Red god (engai nanyokie) and engai narok (black God) so, Red God is the in controller of the land (the colour of the sand) and black god is the controller of the sky( blue color) which they resemble black. So, for that case they mostly put red and blue colour to resemblances themselves with their gods, so they can have mercy upon them for rain(sky) and vegetation (land).

Some believe that Maasai wear the red color because it symbolizes their culture and they believe it scares away lions since they predominantly occupy the National Parks due to their pastoral way of life. Also, most of the men wear a “shuka”, which is a red robe. The women wear clothes that are colorful and decorated with beads. Warriors wear their hair in braids that are dyed red.


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