Kadaga opens Uganda Culture Park in China

Kadaga opens Uganda Culture Park in China


Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa whose larger sector of economy focuses on it’s landscape, culture and wildlife contributing more than 4.9 trillion Ugandan shillings from Tourism in Uganda. China is one of the partnering countries that has set to gear and promote Uganda’s tourism.

In a corresponding move, the Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga has not dredged her feet on this move, she has been excited about this partnership and love for the Chinese community to extend their desire to learn more about the secrets in the pearl of Africa. She continued to hail the people of China as she officially opens Uganda Culture Park in China yesterday.

Uganda Culture Park is Located at Shaping Street, Kaifu District in Hunan Province China witha lot to offer, the Park at glance is a whelm of comfort that sits on a 40 hectares of flat land hugged by the water bodies around it, the Park describes different sculptured art pieces of Ugandan wildlife that include lions, zebras, Mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, social way of living of different cultures and other varieties of wild species.

In a short memo, Bob Wang the proprietor of the facility is quoted saying, “We regard this park as the door to Africa and a window for Chinese to discover Uganda,” “We plan to expand and build an exhibition room showing Ugandan products and crafts, its history, culture and paintings. In future we would like to have an animal park with real animals, the kind you would find in Uganda.”


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