Virunga Ranger Freddy Mahamba Muliro Killed Defending the Park

Virunga Ranger Freddy Mahamba Muliro Killed

Virunga National Park is greatly saddened to confirm the death of Ranger Freddy Mahamba Muliro during an attack on a ranger position on Thursday, March 7th in the Park’s troubled Central Sector.

Park Director, Emmanuel de Merode said, “We are in deep mourning for Ranger Freddy. It is a tragedy that his young life has been cut short in dedicated service to Virunga. Now more than ever, Ranger Freddy’s death highlights the very real threats to Virunga’s game rangers in their protection of Virunga National Park.

Ranger Freddy’s death marks another devastating loss for our rangers, taking the total to 176 of whom have died in the line of duty.”

Elite Travellers Guide extends profound condolences to Ranger Freddy’s family and deep gratitude for his service to Congo. To support Freddy’s family and his beloved ones you can donate via the main Donation Page on Virunga website

Rangers are dying in quest to protect and conserve wildlife. People don’t realise one ranger gone and all his knowledge and passion gone too. Few people are ready to give their life to conserve and protect wildlife. It’s so Sad for his family. it’s a nightmare, Rest In Peace warrior.


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