The endangered chimpanzees find their new home in Kenya


Over 30 plus refugee chimpanzees from West and Central Africa have been given a place where to stay at a sanctuary in Nanyuki in Central Kenya. Sweetwaters chimpanzee sanctuary provides shelter to animals including chimpanzees that have been injured in the illegal wildlife trade. Sanctuaries across Africa are caring for over 800 rescued chimpanzees.

They were being tortured and Max one of the chimpanzees his parents were killed and if he sees anyone wearing a jungle uniform or someone carrying a gun he becomes hostile because he remembers how his parents were killed with a gun. These chimpanzees were being kept in people’s houses as pets when they were still young and when they grew up they became vigorous and hostile and they end up being chained.

Timothy one of the animal carer says he will never get tired of his job because every day they do a different thing and they are very close to people you keep on learning so many new things from these animals.

Chimpanzees are on the list of endangered species due to loss of natural habitat and demand for bush meat.

Dr. Stephen Ngulu the veterinary surgeon said that the future of chimpanzee in the world is not guaranteed that it can only be guaranteed when we human beings stop demanding wildlife products, stop demanding bush meat, stop keeping them as pets and stop destroying their habitats for example cutting down forests because it’s their home and when they are destroyed it means they will be kept in sanctuaries and it’s not the ideal situation because they should be in the wild.


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