Four Family Members Die As Boat Capsizes On Lake Kyoga

Four Family Members Die As Boat Capsizes On Lake Kyoga

According to police the accident was due to overloading and it has confirmed the death of four family members who drowned in Lake Kyoga after their boat capsized due overloading it as it was too small to carry all these eight people and this engineered the boat to capsize because it could not resist the strong winds and bad weather on Monday afternoon. This incident happened when the family members were heading for a burial in Gogonyo sub-county in Pallisa district.

According to prior investigations the canoe capsized in the middle of the lake. Four people died and the survivors who were rescued by the fishermen are currently undergoing treatment at Pallisa Hospital. Mr. Emokol Onyango, the Pallisa Deputy Resident District Commissioner appealed to residents to always adhere to the prevailing weather conditions to avoid such tragedies.

Mr. Onyango said that it was unfortunate that people mostly family heads have lost lives under such circumstances. They could have avoided this accident because there had been signs of unpredictable bad weather. He also gave an official warning to the fishing community and those intending to travel by boat against moving and fishing during heavy rains considering that the storm has become a death trap for the travellers and fishermen on the lake.


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