Source of the Nile Bungee Jumping stopped

Source of the Nile Bungee Jumping stopped
Source of the Nile Bungee Jumping stopped, If you haven’t been to the source of the Nile, to have a leak to the Nile waters, perhaps you could be on the search to one of the destinations you are planning to have a blow to, and seeking for the nearby activities to live you satisfied on the nature wonders, Well, you need to cancel out this Uganda Safari activity on your holiday tour.Uganda is filled with various adventures that should be on everyone’s bucket list. From thrilling activities that make your adrenaline rush, to the soothing sights and sounds you enjoy from Waterfalls or bird watching Safari in the forest. We have the famous bungee jumping, it has been paused for now, due to the landslides that occurred and put the whole bungee tower set up in jeopardy. The landslides happened underneath the building structure after a heavy downpour.

Adrift was requested to vacate by the Jinja Municipal council as it considered the area unsafe. Therefore the offices, sales, reservations and accommodation relocated to Nile Village Hotel in Jinja and will operate from this facility till further notice. However, more adventures await you in jinja like the white water rafting, kayaking, horse riding to mention but a few.
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