President Kagame launches first Smartphone factory in Rwanda

President Kagame launches first Smartphone factory in Rwanda

On Monday President of Rwanda Paul Kagame took charge of the launch of Mara Phones production plant that will produce smart phones in Kigali.

Mara Group intentions are to produce high quality affordable smart phones to serve the people of Africa and also to export to other countries.

The President said that through a partnership with Mara Group the first ‘made in Rwanda’ phones rolled off the production line last week.

President Kagame also said that the Mara phone connects a growing list of superb products that are manufactured in the country. He added that it is another landmark on their journey to high-tech ‘made in Rwanda’ industry.

According to Rwandan government the percentage of Rwandans using smart phones is low. Kagame in a series of tweets was quoted saying that the introduction of Mara phones will put smart phones ownership within reach of more Rwandans.


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