Pakistan army plane crashes into residential area killing 18

Pakistan army plane crashes into residential area killing 18

About eighteen people died and a large number got wounded as the small military plane crashed into residential area near the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi.

The rescue services said that thirteen civilians and five crew members were found dead and that totaling to 18 dead bodies.

This plane crash took place at Rawalpindi near the capital Islamabad and it’s the area of the Pakistan army’s headquarters. Imran Khan the Pakistan’s Prime Minister offered his condolences and wished a quick recovery for the injured.

Witnesses who were at the place where the crashing happened said that the aircraft crashed into a small family home in a residential area at around 2:00 local time (07:00GMT).

Ghulam Khan one of the eye witnesses also said he was awake then the plane flew over his room and it was already on fire in air that it was a small plane and then it fell on a house where a family used to live. He also added that the sound was so scary.

A spokesman for the rescue services Farooq Butt said that a DNA test is needed for identification since the bodies were totally burnt.


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