Movements made easy as South Sudanese airline launches passenger flights to Gulu

Movements made easy as South Sudanese airline launches passenger flights to Gulu

Transport from Juba in South Sudan to Gulu in Northern Uganda has been improved through the launch of commercial flights between the two towns as passengers travelling to and from Juba now have a faster option.

A privately owned airline will operate the route. Passengers will have flights to and from Juba twice a week with the Sky Travel and Aviation Company. On Saturday the company had its first flight from Juba international airport to Gulu airport with one passenger and crew aboard the white 5Y-MWW 12-seater plane.

The director of the company Emmanuel Cosmos Gombura told URN that movement of the business community between the two East African Countries will be eased through the flights. For a one-way flight a ticket will cost $170 (about shs630000). Three planes have been lined up on the route Gombura added. This means that passengers will take less than an hour to arrive in Juba and vice versa by air other than spending six hours with the usual road trip of 306km.

A businessman in Gulu town George Lapir Aligech and president of Gulu Municipal Development Forum is hopeful that the flights will advance movement of the business community to promote trade and commerce.

Meanwhile the Gulu district chairperson Ojara Martin Mapenduzi says the opportunity will help fast economic recovery in Acholi in terms of business and promoting bilateral relations between the Juba administration and Uganda.

He also added that the district will need help from government to restore and enlarge Gulu airport to international standards inorder to entice and upgrade more commercial flights by other sector players.

Trade between Uganda and war-torn South Sudan is under Strong retrieval as passengers travelling there now continue to rise. Monthly Uganda receives over 500 billion from trade and commerce with South Sudan.


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