U.S Government Donates UGX 738m Watercraft to Kalangala

U.S Government Donates UGX 738m Watercraft to Kalangala

The United States Ambassador Deborah Malac announced the donation under the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) after her three days visit to Ssese Islands on Wednesday. The U.S President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) is the U.S government’s response to the global HIV/AIDS epidemic and represents the largest commitment by any nation to address a single disease in history.

Patients who need HIV healing care and health workers are expected to be transported to different health facilities at the Islands to get and deliver ARVs. The boat has a space for carrying 16 people and also has two beds that will be used by health workers for transporting sick people on referral. The boat has two, 200 horsepower engines and a fibre glass boat with a 75 horsepower engine that enables it move fast to the most distant Island Nkese with 45 minutes and three hours respectively.

Most leaders are worried about fuel the boat will have to use since it requires up to 450 litres to move to all Sub-counties in Kyamuswa constituency. Kalangala District would use 260 litres of fuel to cross all the four sub-counties located in the distant Islands including Bufumira, Kyamuswa, Bubeke and Mazinga.

The District chairperson for Kalangala Willy Lugoloobi says that it is important to allocate more resources to operate the boat especially now when they are to be doing rapid response and emergencies.

Government has for the last three years promised to buy boat ambulances for the district and patients have been using Cargo boats to acquire health facilities in the District.

The Uganda Aids Commission donated speed boat lies inactive at the Lutoboka docking pier in Kalangala town after the district authorities failed to meet its repair, maintenance and operation costs.

In due course efforts to end HIV spread in the district, Ambassador Malac says the United states Government shall continue supporting them.


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