Busia Residents Supplied With Piped Water

Busia Residents Supplied With Piped Water

The solar-powered water supply systems which was commissioned on Tuesday has brought smiles and relief to Busia residents after getting access to clean and safe water. It was constructed by Innovation Africa, a non-profit organisation with funding from Young Adults of the Sephardic Community (YASC) from Israel and United States.

This project which was worth shs 130m supplied water to Bumayi, Budibya, Bukhembo East, Bukhembo West and Bunyonsi villages in Mankinga Parish in Masafu Sub-county. More than 12 taps have been installed in the villages and each tap serves more than 200 homesteads.

Mr. Silas Buluma who resides from Bukhembo East said they have been walking long distances to fetch water from seasonal wells which they also share with animals. He also added that women would be exposed to risks of snake bites.

The chairperson of Water User Committee of Mawanga Parish Mr. Patrick Godfrey Ngolobe said community members had been suffering from water borne diseases, diarrhoea, vomiting, typhoid and other water borne related infections.

Also the head teacher of Budibya Primary school Mr. Milton Oguttu said extension of water has improved the welfare of pupils for example girls no longer suffer like they used to during their menstruation periods and all that sufferings was brought because of lack of water.

The organisation also provided scholastic materials such as reusable pads, chalk boards, books, desks, maize flour among others.

The project manager of Innovation Africa Mr. Robert Khakhosi said they have also Istalled solar systems in health centres. He however requested the government to willingly welcome the use of water pump systems because they are cheaper and easy to repair than drilling boreholes.

The president of Innovation Africa Ms Sivan Yaari also said they will continue extending water to African villages.


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